We play every Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

(except Xmas school holidays).

2018 started slowly but quickly picked up with an increasing number of players representing the club at district level, juniors being more committed, everyone wanting to improve their technical skills and some packed nights. Due to the increased patronage, the playing fees will not be increased, even though hall hire has inexorably increased by 50% in the last few years. Our desire that the club is a community group means that we haven't increased playing fee for nearly five years! Many other clubs are charging minimum $10 to play two hours. For around $20, you can play three times at Cherrybrook for only twice at other clubs.

The club fully accepts application for membership from anyone in the community. Although we are a strong table tennis club with winning records in several competitions, we welcome beginners and guys just wanting to play socially or with their friends or family.  Please refer to our FAQ section for further details. Health check - new members should read our Health and Safety Policy

Despite hall hire increasing every year, we haven't increased playing fees for several years now. The Thursday night Ratings comp may be  re-introduced which is absolutely free to enter, gives all our members chances to play formal comp, there's no bothersome travelling to other clubs and the trophy prizes are quite awesome this year. The Thur Ratings comp is at Cherrybrook Community hall.

Coaching is available for new students at the moment. Please contact Foong on 0425 885 393 to confirm your spot or your child's for next term. Once again, we charge the minimum - only ten dollars extra for a group coaching lesson which is held by Aust accredited Level One coach with over 20 years coaching experience. The $17 coaching fee means that the student can practice the rest of the night before or after his table tennis lesson.


Cherrybrook Community Centre
Shepherds Lane
Cherrybrook 2126

Phone number (Mob) 0425 885 393.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Playing fee
Playing fee is $7 per night. 3 star balls supplied. Some bats available for free borrowing.

Registration fee 
Social players pay an annual fee of $10 at the club; (unbelievably cheap but true. This covers sports insurance and public liability insurance)

Thur night rating comp - FREE registration, amazing trophies worth over a thousand dollars per year.

District and state competition players pay TTNSW fees directly to their captain or via Internet. All monies for comp are sent on to TTNSW to cover sports or public liability insurance. 

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